5 Tips for Ticket Auction Sites

Fans use several different auction style sites online when trying to find tickets to the big sports event or hot musical concert. Here's several important tips and considerations to keep in mind when bidding for tickets to your favorite concert, sporting or other event.

1) Know exactly what you're bidding on - Make sure the location of your seats is not obstructed or in a spot too far from the event, unless that is something you don't mind. Be sure to consult the seating charts for the website of the venue.

- Also be aware of ticket auctions that are for seats that are in separate rows or not together. You may think you won a pair of great seats somewhere then wind up sitting far away from your friend, family or loved one.

- Also keep in mind some ticket auctions will end very close to the event itself. Make sure the shipping mentions an adequate method to get your tickets in time.

2) Watch several auctions - If possible find 2 or 3 similar auctions for the event you want to attend. This way if you miss out on winning seats in 1 auction, you'll have the opportunity to try to win again. You'll also know what sort of bid won the 1st auction. You can search eBay's "Advanced Search" and "Ended listings" for the tickets you're after to get a good idea of the going price too.

3) Beware of scams - Sites like eBay have decent protection policies, but beware in advance of ticket scams. One example is you are sold "print out" tickets, but then you get to the event and find out they are fakes. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. If it doesn't feel right instinctually don't go through with it.

4) Set a price limit for yourself - If you have limitless funds to spend, don't worry about this, but most people want to get a good deal on tickets to save money. Sometimes an avid fan may go overboard trying to obtain tickets to see their favorie team or performer. Set a limit for yourself so you won't overspend for the event you want to see!

5) Watch auctions until the very end - On auction sites like eBay you'll want to keep an eye on the final seconds of ticket auctions because they will be competitive. If you're serious about obtaining those long-awaited concert or playoff tickets, you'll need to be watching the auction right until it ends! You may miss out on placing a winning bid if you don't keep close watch!

Good luck with your quest to get the best tickets available for musical concerts, theater, Broadway or sports events!


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