Honeymoon Travel Ideas, Destinations & Deals!

The "honeymoon" is a custom that originated in Western Culture for newlyweds to celebrate their recent marriage in intimacy and seclusion. The concept originated way back in 19th century Great Britain, and was a "bridal tour" which often included guests who were unable to attend the wedding. Today, honeymoons are celebrated almost daily and the choice for honeymoon destination becomes a major part of wedding planning. Often times the honeymoon is a gift given to the newlywed couple as a gift from a friend or family member. Honeymoon travel destinations are usually exotic and very romantic. You'll find 10 ideas for your special honeymoon vacation below as well as info on where to find the best Travel Deals on your airfare, hotels and more!

10 Destinations for Honeymoon Travel:

- Aruba

- Bahamas

- Barbados

- Bermuda

- Cruises to the Caribbean or Virgin Islands

- Florence, Italy

- Jamaica

- Las Vegas, Nevada

- Paris, France

- The Poconos in Pennsylvania

- St. Thomas

Those 10 ideas should get your started on coming up with the ideal destination for your Honeymoon! Make sure it's a place that is romantic and has plenty of activities/attractions that you and your significant other will enjoy!

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