American Airlines Adds $15 Luggage Fee

According to news reports Wednesday, passengers will now be charged $15 to check their first piece of luggage with American Airlines. The company cites the rising cost of gasoline as the reasons for its recent business moves. Here's more on the recent news that the airline is cutting jobs, reducing its domestic flights, and charging for checked luggage.

From DallasNews.com:

Gerard Arpey, chairman and CEO of American and parent AMR Corp., said the industry is in a "very perilous" period, agreeing with the assessment given last week by retiring Southwest Airlines chairman Herb Kelleher.

"The U.S. airline industry as it is constituted today was not built for $125- or $130-per-barrel oil," Mr. Arpey said after the AMR annual shareholders meeting in Fort Worth.

"The industry will not and cannot continue in its current state," he said. "The fact that four more airlines have liquidated this year and one is operating in Chapter 11 is clear evidence of that fact.

"So we are moving to construct a business plan that, to the extent possible, is constructed for the current reality of slow economic growth and high oil prices," Mr. Arpey said.

So if you're planning a trip and want to save on the $15 fee, consider a different airline, or do your best to travel with less suitcases!

Source: DallasNews.com.


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