HGTV's Best Places in the Country

Cable channel HGTV recently presented an interesting show called "You Should Live Here". The program took a look at the best places to live in the country for such things as best place to have children, best place for pet owners, best place for pizza, best place for singles, and of course the overall best places to live in general. These can be great places to travel to as well.

Some of the Best Places profiled:

Best Place for Dog Owners - Denver, CO
Hottest Place to live - Avondale, AZ (Highs of 107 degrees)
Coldest Place to live - Fargo, ND (Lows of -2 degrees)
Best Place for Singles - Atlanta, GA
Best Place for Entrepreneurs - Phoenix, AZ
Best Place for Pizza - New Haven, CT
Best Place to Have Kids - Portland, OR
Best Looking People - San Diego, CA
Best Place for Working at Home - Washington, DC

Top 3 Best Places to live (voted on at HGTV.com):

1) New York City, New York
2) Denver, Colorado
3) San Diego, California

You may consider planning your next vacation based on a few of these selections. Why not visit scenic Connecticut and sample some of the best pizza in the US? Or visit San Diego or Atlanta if you're single!

HGTV will offer a second airing of the program "You Should Live Here" on Sunday, November 02, 2008 at 3:00 AM ET/PT.

Also check out the interactive quiz at HGTV.com to find out where you should live!


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