2013 March Madness Bracket: Watch NCAA Tournament Live Online, on TV or in Person!

March Madness is here, with brackets just recently revealed via CBS and ESPN.  The 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament will feature live games online, via TV, and also the ability to witness the action live in person for ticket holders.  Here's more info on this year's NCAA Tournament live stream, TV schedule, and tickets availability.

The tournament starts on March 19-20 with the First Four play-in games in Dayton. The weekend of March 21-24 will include second and third round games in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Lexington, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Dayton, Austin, Kansas City and Philadelphia.

The regional games will be held from March 28-31 in Washington, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Arlington, Texas at Cowboys Stadium. The Final Four and title game will be held on April 6 and 8 at Atlanta's Georgia Dome.

Get the updated NCAA tournament bracket here!

People can buy tickets for these games by contacting the local box offices of the places that the games will be in or by contacting the schools or conferences that host the games. For example, people can contact Oakland University about the games held in Auburn Hills while Temple University should be contacted with regards to the games in Philadelphia. There's also the option to go to Ticketmaster for additional details.

There is also the choice to catch March Madness 2013 by finding tickets on the secondary market. Places like StubHub and eBay offer a number of tickets from people who are looking to sell them on the aftermarket.  Check out the latest ticket availability via NCAA.com first, and then check the other marketplaces if you can't find the seats you're trying for.

The NCAA Tournament is officially hosted by CBS and its sister stations from Turner networks. People can also watch the tournament through CBS or through one of many partner stations in the Turner family. These include the TNT, TBS and truTV networks.  TruTV usually shows the First Round, with the other networks picking up coverage starting Thursday and Friday.

There's also the option to watch the basketball games live streaming online. The NCAA tournament 2013 online features include the NCAA March Madness Live program. People can use the program by logging into the system with the appropriate information on one's local television provider.

The games on all networks will be available live as they occur with no need to register one's information with anyone just to see this. This is available for free thanks to the support of the NCAA's many corporate partners. No one will miss any of the games when they use this convenient program.

The March Madness on Demand program also works with a number of portable devices. Users can enjoy the tournament on their smartphones or tablets with a useful application that is available to download from the NCAA's website. This app includes a number of forms that work on the Android operating system, the iPad mini and iPhone 5 among a number of other popular devices that people can watch these games from anyone.

With MMOD, there's access to a number of social features. Fans can check out the tournament bracket challenge and participate in a number of communication features in the March Madness Social Arena. Users can also chat and send social media messages to each other through this convenient and easy to use part of the program.

There's plenty of ways people can enjoy March Madness 2013 and all of the drama that comes with it. People can attend games in person or catch them on a variety of networks. There's also the option to view games live streaming on smartphones or tablets through the March Madness on Demand system. These are all available to give fans of the game the access that they deserve for all of the madness in March!


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