2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream, TV Schedule & Tickets

The 2013 NHL Finals are live streaming, live on TV and live in person for those who want to watch some great hockey action!   While NBA fans are getting worked up with the Heat-Spurs on-court combat, NHL fans are also keeping their attention on ice as their favorite teams challenge each other on hockey ring. Recently, Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins advanced to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and now their respective fans are also looking forward to seeing their favorite teams challenge each other's ability. Only one will emerge as the best and will claim the title to this event.  We've got full details on how to watch the NHL Stanley Cup Finals online, on your TV or with tickets in person at the games!

Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks

It's a classic meeting between two "Original Six" hockey franchises.  From 1942 through 1967 only six teams made up the National Hockey League, and two of them were the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins.

In the more recent years, the Chicago Blackhawks garnered a lot of fans for years due to their game-play. The team attracted even more new fans after it won the 2010 Stanley Cup.  Although it was a shortened season for pro hockey this time around, they emerged with the best record and as the favorites to win it all.  On the other hand, the Bruins also have a sizable fan base and also won the same cup a year after the Chicago team gained the title.  Boston's been on an impressive run in these 2013 NHL playoffs, including a sweep of the favored Pittsburgh Penguins.  Now, the question is who among these hockey titans will claim the title this year: Chicago Blackhawks or Boston Bruins?

2013 NHL Finals schedule

Many fans are able to visit the hockey rink where these famous teams meet. For individuals, however, who cannot see the event live can celebrate since it is available on television or on live streaming through the internet. If you are among the hopeful fans that are planning to catch the next games, you can visit NBC Sports Live Extra Site to see these teams in action right at your own home, or watch games as they occur on NBC or NBC Sports Network channels.

As of today, schedules have been released about the upcoming games. Tune in to your TV or computer for NHL Finals live televised action or live stream on the following dates and time to see the team you support in action.

  •  Game 1: June 12, 2013 Wednesday: BOS @ CHI at 8PM on NBC.
  •  Game 2: June 15, 2013, Saturday: BOS @ CHI at 8 PM on NBCSN.
  •  Game 3: June 17, 2013, Monday: CHI @ BOS 8PM on NBCSN.
  •  Game 4: June 19, 2013, Wednesday: CHI @ BOS 8PM on NBC.
  •  Game 5: June 22, 2013, Saturday: BOS @ CHI 8 PM on NBC.
  •  Game 6: June 24, 2013, Monday: CHI @ BOS 8 PM on NBC.
  •  Game 7: June 26, 2013, Wednesday: BOS @ CHI 8 PM on NBC.

Set your schedule free during these events and support your favorite team while relaxing at home. Gather your fellow fan friends and see the games live on streaming to be updated with the thrilling match. Check if which team will emerge the best. Will it be your team? Be sure to catch the excitement.

See more information on how to watch the NHL games live streaming at the NBC Sports Live Extra site.

Looking for tickets to the NHL Finals games in 2013?  There are tickets for all of the games in Chicago and Boston selling at our favorite third party ticket re-seller, StubHub.  You can search here to see all of the latest available tickets for varying prices at different levels in the arenas.  Nothing beats seeing live sports in person!


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