Avoid Travel Charges to Save Money!

The recent trend amongst airlines has been to charge for just about every service imagineable! There's the charge for snacks, drinks, internet, phone calls, even the use of a blanket and pillow on some flights. And these additional fees come once you're in the air. On the ground passengers face those recent extra baggage charges as well.

Even online travel agencies are cashing in on travel spending. Orbitz.com and CheapOair.com charge $5 to $35 extra for booking airfare through them. To avoid their fees, we recommend using a website such as Kayak.com to locate the cheapest airfare possible, as well as vehicle rental and hotel accomodations.

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A Washington Post July 26th article provides the following as well:

And stick with purchasing an e-ticket online. Buying a ticket by phone or in person, or requesting a paper ticket, will cost more.

The extra charge for checking a second bag is gaining favor with airlines faster than you can say, "Seriously?" At United, which started the trend, the charge is $25. But it gets worse. At Continental, Northwest and US Airways, each extra bag after the first two costs $100.

Scanning a list of airline baggage policies and fees, both AirTran and Spirit Airlines charges just $10 for 1 extra bag, but you must prepay to get that rate. More widely-used airline companies American Airlines and United charge rates of $15 for the first bag. Delta, Continental and Southwest charge $25 to start and the rates keep rising!

Kiplingers.com provides a great list of airline baggage policies which can be found here.

Make sure to prepare ahead, do your homework and travel knowing you've saved as much as you can! Search Cheap Flights at Kayak.com today!


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