1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Are you an avid World Traveler?  Planning a vacation abroad or within the United States? The book 1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Shulz makes for an excellent companion to all of those who love visiting the 50 states as well as the rest of the world! It includes a rundown of the "hot spots" or major attractions of most areas of the world. It's interesting for most travelers just to browse through the various locations they've visited to highlight the spots they've been and see the ones they may have missed!

The book goes country by country, region by region, state by state. Just looking through the 50 States section alone, you'll find some amazing spots to visit with things to see and do.

For example, the guide recommends for New York:

- Statue of Libery/Ellis Island
- Take in a New York Yankees Game
- Empire State Building
- Times Square
- Central Park
- Rockefeller Center at Christmas
- Lincoln Center
- Museum of Modem Art

Some of the recommended spots for Rome, Italy:

- Boca Del Verita (Mouth of Truth)
- Via Condotti
- Trevi Fountain
- Spanish Steps
- The Pantheon
- The Coliseum
- The Imperial Forums

The book does just as it says, giving you a travelers life list of places to visit with attractions or events to see and do. The book's organized by regions, from Europe to United States and elsewhere around the globe, making it an enjoyable and relaxing book to skim through. Use it to plan your next trip, or decide which state you'd most like to visit!

We recommend this book highly not only as a travel companion but as fun and interesting reading material for your coffee table!

The 1000 Places to See Before You Die is available at Amazon.com


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