Rodney Carrington tickets 2010 concert info

In 2010, singer, actor and comedian Rodney Carrington will have a full slate of concert appearances including shows in Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Additionally, Carrington will take his act into several parts of Ontario, Canada including Ottawa and Hamilton. Rodney Carrington tickets for 2010 shows can be purchased here at Ticketmaster.com.

So far the 2010 Rodney Carrington appearances date as far ahead as July of this year when Rodney stops in at Atlantic City in New Jersey on 7/17/10. Otherwise, between now and March Carrington will be busy with appearances around the Southern and Midwestern United States, with some Canadian stops sprinkled in.

Carrington is currently 41 years old with six studio albums to his credit as well as a greatest hits album. He's also appeared in his own sitcom called "Rodney" and acted in the 2008 film entitled "Beer for My Horses" which starred fellow country musician, Toby Keith. Carrington's concert shows combine a unique mixture of stand-up comedy and music together which fans find very entertaining.

If you're interested in Rodney Carrington tickets for 2010 appearances, check out Carrington's tickets & scheduled appearances here.


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