Franklin County Moonshine Capital of the World

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and experience a little history of the Moonshine industry? Consider taking the Moonshine Express tour complete with music,story telling and re-enactments in Franklin County, Virginia. Franklin County is the Moonshine Capital of the World.

We experienced a bit of the past with this recent local excursion we took. On April 18, we entered a motorcoach named the Moonshine Express in Rocky Mount, VA. For a small price of $14 for the ticket, we traveled around the town where more than 65 actors provided their story as it related to them surrounding their experiences with moonshine. A lot of sugar seems to be purchased in Franklin County especially back in the 1930's . Could have been used to put up sweet pickles and jams, but story tells it was more for making the beverage. Old cars and firetrucks lined the streets to enhance the experience of this travel back in time.  Definitely recommended on a nice sunny day in Franklin County Virginia, the Moonshine Capital of the World!


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