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The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby which will take place at Citi Field, New York on the 15th of July 2013 at 8 p.m. ET.  This annual tradition will be a part of the 84th edition of the MLB All-Star game and will be televised as well as live streaming in select regions of the United States. This will also be the first time for the Mets to host an All-Star game since the early 1960s during their inaugural season at Shea Stadium. The last time the game was held in New York was in 2008 when the final season was played at the old Yankee Stadium before its demolition.

The Home Run derby will be aired on ESPN in the United States with a live stream of the game online through WatchESPN. Monday, July 15th at 8 p.m. EST is the time to watch to see which of the major league sluggers captures the HR derby title this year ahead of the All-Star game.

This year you can expect plenty of excitement during the game. The captains of the American League and the National League are Robinson Cano and David Wright respectively. They have also selected their team members ready for the game. In the past six years the American league has won for three consecutive years and a total of five wins. Everyone is anxious to see whether the National league will break this sequence.

In the major league, Chris Davis who is O's first baseman will take the lead in the home runs with 33. He will be joined by his teammates J.J Hardy, the shortstop accompanied by Adam Jones, who will be the outfielder in the Midsummer classic event. According to the lineup given by Jim Leyland Tigers third baseman will be rounding out, that is Miguel Cabrera. He is the defending champion of Triple Crown who was leading the online voting. In addition to that, Robinson Cano, who is Yankees second, will be there with Joe Mauer (Twin's catcher), Mike Trouut (Angel's outfielder), Jose Baulista (Blue Jays' outfielder) and David Ortiz (designated hitter).

On the other hand the National League will be having Yadier Monila (Cardinal's catcher), Carlos Beltran (outfielder), Joey Votto (Reds' first baseman), Brandon Philips (second baseman) and Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies' shortstop). Accompanying them for the HR Derby roster will be Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates, replacing the injured Carlos Gonzales. According to the Giant's manager, Bruce Botvhy, the lineup will be completed by David Wright (Mets' third baseman) together with Bryce Harper (National's outfielder).

The total amount of money that will be distributed will be determine by the home run hits during the competition. For every Gold Ball home run hit by any of the participants, the ninth out through the home run derby, Chevrolet and MLB will give $23,000 together to designated charities. This figure was chosen because it coincidence with the best EPA-estimates which is the 23 miles per gallon on the highway.

The eight contestants in the 2013 HR derby will be with a youngster representing each of the local RBI leagues in the New York region. The child who has been paired with the winning player will earn $50,000 that will be used in a baseball field makeover in their respective RBI league. MLB together with Chevrolet have promised to donate over $10,000 worth of baseball gadgets together with uniforms to all the other remaining 7 RBI leagues, making for a nice gesture.

If you happen to be in the New York area for the MLB All-Star game and the various festivities along with it, you may want to pick up some tickets for the event.  Check out StubHub.com where we have seen tickets for the homerun derby and All-Star game available.  As of our last check on Friday, July 12, we saw over 250 tickets available for the home run derby, starting at $409 each.  Surprisingly, there were over 3,000 tickets available for this year's MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, with prices starting around $250 each.  Check tickets out here for the All-Star Game.


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