2013 NBA Summer League Live Stream, TV Schedule & Tickets

It's time for 2013 NBA Summer League live stream and televised action!  From July 12 up to 22, eager basketball fans are going to watch 22 teams compete for a scheduled 61 games on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Professional basketball teams will showcase their basketball skills and will have the chance to play a minimum of five games at the Thomas and Mack Center and COX Pavilion located at the university.  Games will be shown live streaming online and on television for those who watch NBA TV on cable, satellite or with their online service.  We also have tickets information to see games live in person!

The much anticipated yearly summer sports event will be seen live streaming via NBA TV or ESPN 3, and will also introduce new players drafted by each team and play alongside their regular and famous players. The highlight of the playoff is the introduction of a competitive tournament style schedule that will feature the best of each team. It will eventually culminate with the crowning of the first ever NBA Summer League Champions on the last day of the play off games on July 22. It is sure to be an exciting playoff season for the 2013 NBA summer league as players light up the scoreboard and discover new talents fill up the player draft board.

The 2013 NBA Summer League schedule will kick off with a heart pounding first game between New Orleans (Pelicans) and New York Knicks at the COX Pavilion on July 12 at 1pm. The follow up game will be between The Cleveland Cavaliers who won the top selection for this year's NBA Draft will be battling against the Los Angeles Lakers at the same arena at 7pm. The Cavaliers are consistent playing figures on every summer league play off in Las Vegas ever since breaking into the basketball scene in 2004. The other teams that were allowed to join on this year's league consists of the Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Bobcats, Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors and the champion team of Miami Heats among others. The NBA D-League Select team also joins this year's prestigious league competition. A heavy turnout of crowds is expected to enjoy watching all 22 teams square it out at the basketball court this summer.

Latest NBA Summer League Schedule for 2013

The most thrilling part on every play off season is the games where each team will feature their newest basketball talents acquired from the latest draft. It is a staple event on every season. This year will be more exciting as seven of the last eight NBA Rookie of the Year award will get to join and play with their respective teams in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch 2013 Summer League Live Online:
For televised coverage, please check out the 2013 NBA Summer League schedule and game times at the NBA TV website.  Games will be shown daily throughout the summer league schedule.

Fans can subscribe and register online to watch an NBA Summer League Live package and get to watch the game on live stream at ESPN3. Get full access to watch the exciting play off season right in the comforts of your desktop, laptop, tablets, android and smart phones or Xbox Live.

Get constantly updated about the play off news during the 16 day coverage of the event. Never miss a game by having access to the archived and condensed games. Enjoy the heat of the game with high resolution streaming quality matched to your connection and get to watch four games simultaneously with the multiple viewing mode function. NBA TV delivers the best for your viewing pleasure and the ultimate in sports entertainment.

NBA Summer League Tickets:
Fans who are in the Las Vegas area may want to watch the live NBA Summer League games in person during the 2013 offseason.  To do so, we recommend the StubHub website which has tickets available for the remaining games through July 22!  Check out the latest ticket listings and get to the live games in person to see all the rookies and competing veterans in NBA Summer League!


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